The Lambs Club

An oasis of fine dining and refined dishes flourish in the middle of the cacophony that is Times Square. An astonishingly refreshing hide away from the surrounding tourist fun house, The Lambs Club takes the cake for mastering classic cool. Take a date, take a business partner, hey take yourself. The Lambs Club is cozily tucked away in the The Chatwal New York Hotel. Enriched with theatrical history, The Lambs Club hails from America’s first professional theatre group, the Lambs. Walking in the hotel towards the restaurant you are immediately struck with a burst of crimson red and a massive brick fireplace lighting up the deco inspired dining room. Go for a drink or even to just check out the chic interior, but once you take a bite of anything on their menu, you will be a loyal customer. The vibe is definitely old school meets new wave, taste-makers mingle and couples enjoy a romantic date.



Chef Geoffrey Zakarian masters an American modern dining experience with a casual note. Executive chef Eric Haugen  knows what the people want and he delivers! Please do not leave without trying the cauliflower soup and you will literally slip back in your seat a little after tasting the long island duck with mandarin, edamame, radish and black garlic. My favorite dish of the night was so impacting because I have never seen or heard of anything like it. It was apart of the Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brulée and I was so intrigued I asked for it alone on the side, are you ready for this…white asparagus ice cream. Seriously though, it is amazing. Light and flavorful with a subtle hint of sweet freshness. Dear Björn Böttcher, please start packaging your white asparagus ice cream so I can always have it close to me! Thank you.


Nicole Franzen‘s photography always captures the essence and life of a restaurant to a tee, but you must visit to truly experience the whole package, food ambiance, and spectacular service.


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